Tactical Medics

Tactical Medics

Front Line offers world-class tactical support medics to military, SWAT, police, security forces, and other government and contractor warfighter operations. Tactical missions suggest a higher risk of unique traumatic injuries that require specific training to treat. We ensure that Front Line teams assisting in a tactical operation, no matter how rugged or austere, will not only serve the operatives to whom they’re assigned as a highly capable, integrated member of their team, but will also step into action as their medic with confidence, speed, and precision. We demand the highest standards of our medics, with many coming from prior military and tactical backgrounds, disciplined, battle-tested, and physically fit. We are incredibly selective and choose to work with the very best of our applicant pool.  

Flexibility in medical aid

Our medical forces are ready to deploy in support of any operations:

  • Extractions
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Security Details
  • Private Operatives
  • Law Enforcement/ SWAT
  • Military and Special Ops
  • Training and Simulations
  • Weaponry and Ballistic Events

Our services are customizable to your needs. This includes the medical provider level (EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors), team size, and capabilities.

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When lives matter and seconds count, you want precise, experienced, quality care, right on the front lines where it's needed. For anything from rapid disaster response to remote area standby services and tactical deployments, Front Line EMS will Dare to Care, No Matter Where.

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