Our History

Front Line EMS was built from a corps of experienced, adventurous, prior-military, nationally registered paramedics that has expanded from its roots in tactical and standby emergency services, to be a standard-setter in all global contract EMS markets. Front Line EMS is a U.S. based, minority woman-owned business with an executive team led by President Melanie Bull NREMT, Chief Executive Officer Richard Bull NRP, Chief Medical Officer David Fairbanks MD, Chief Operations Officer and Head of Corporate Legal Justin Baker, Onboarding and Credentialing Director Jessica Richardson, and Global Services Supervisor Richard Dobson NRP.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Fairbanks MD is a decorated military surgeon, and an experienced medical director, E.R. Director, and educator with extensive experience in both private and government roles, which includes briefing Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush. He has served time as state deputy medical examiner in the states of Utah and Virginia, and as an adjunct faculty member at multiple medical universities. He and his vast experience make him a valuable asset for Front Line EMS.

Front Line EMS is headquartered just outside Mountain Home Air Force Base, close to Boise, Idaho, USA. With the benefit of being so close to Boise and Salt Lake City International airports, Front Line crews are able to rapidly deploy anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

Front Line is dedicated to being a valuable member of its local community. Whether that be lending deployed resources and vehicles in an emergency, providing educational programs, assisting with local patient transfers, donating to local charities, or sponsoring local non-profits, Front Line leadership holds their local community near and dear to their hearts and makes the provision of their resources a priority.

Front Line EMS personnel come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a wide array of medical credentials. Certifications of Front Line's personnel are closely monitored to ensure licensing and field-specific requirements are always met. Ongoing education is also a requirement, so Front Line’s providers are always versed in the latest methods, techniques, and standards in their practice. Individual experience is highly weighed when placing a medical provider on an assignment, such as prior military experience being preferred for tactical positions, and clinical healthcare experience required for industrial, wilderness, and remote clinical roles.

Front Line EMS holds itself to quality in execution, a culture of positivity and development, and an overall standard of excellence.

Thank you for considering Front Line EMS, no matter where you need us.